About Us

ATCS Consultancy Ltd is a relatively young multi disciplined organisation whose concept of inception dates to 2007. Its core activities and primary operations revolve around holistic training, translation services and business consultancy services.

The company’s vision is to strive to nurture, cultivate and strive for the success of its clients. The services offered by the company include:

Holistic Personal and Corporate Training in various core subjects such as Emotional Intelligence and Risk Management.
Affiliation to International Qualifications
Translation and localisation Services
Business Consultancy and Rejuvenation Consultancy
Events Organisation and Coordination Services
Social Media Marketing

The core principle of the company operations revolves around the ability to have strategic alliances with major international service providers who are leaders in their respective discipline.

ATCS Consultancy Ltd continues to offer the best services under one roof through its international partners of professionals.

Whether a client is an individual looking for career progression, a small to medium sized company looking to assess their current situation and obtain strategic direction or an established corporation looking at consolidating its market position by motivating its staff, ATCS Consultancy Ltd has the expertise and hands on approach towards your success.

Business size

1-10 employees